Porcelain : the choice of excellence

Besides the perfect electric insulation of porcelain, this material is ideal for insulators - thanks to specific properties:

  • The high firing temperature (1300°C / 2372°F) gives a very high mechanical strength and high thermal resistance.
  • Surface is smooth, self-cleaning. Material can face extreme hot or cold conditions, and smoothly shuttles between high and low temperatures.
  • The porcelain is non porous (- 0% of porosity)
  • Is shock  resistant  (compared to other ceramics)
  • Has low thermal conductivity

Moreover, once fired, the porcelain is inert and harmless for the environment.
After a typical lifetime of 40-50 years, the porcelain of insulators can be easily recycled.



Once crushed, it can be used for construction, road infrastructures, but also as abrasive or as fillings in polymers.

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