CERALEP SN has its own R&D department where research and conception are made.
The control Laboratory is in charge of the controls on the porcelain.

In order to ensure the quality of finished products, the Laboratory is making different controls during the insulators manufacturing processes :



  • On porcelain characteristics of the different slips and special products
  • On  the enamels
  • On cementing products mainly concerned by the resistance to traction

Even if the choice of raw materials is carefully made, each delivery batch at CERALEP SN is controlled as well as the analysis certificate of its suppliers.

 The Laboratory is also in charge of the Research and Development of the porcelain products :


  • Conception and finalization of new formulas to match the market evolution, the international standards or the customers’ specifications.

The laboratory makes the electro-technique porcelain bodies (C120, C130, C610), brown, white or grey enamels and the sanded (small grains special formulation put on the insulator extremities which improves the link between the insulator, the cementing and the flanges.

  • The research of new raw materials to enlarge the suppliers sourcing and the specifications up-dating.





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