Tuesday November 10th 2009



France 3 Rhône-Alpes : Tuesday November 10th 2009
On 19/10, Rhône-Alpes FR3  TV  channel  was dedicated to  Cooperatives. A 2 mn  program  showed the success  of the resumption in 2004  by the 60 employees of the scop  CERALEP SN, a French manufacturer of electric insulators, located in the Drôme region.




August 2009

L’Humanité   Sunday August 6/19 2009
2 pages illustrate the success of CERALEP SN taken back by its employees in SCOP in 2004.






June 24th 2009


France Inter


Là-bas si j'y suis

by Daniel Mermet


la-bas si j'y suis 


Nothing more poetical than self-management !
Created in 1921 in the DROME region, CERALEP SN manufactures porcelain insulators for high tension networks. In 2000, the factory is bought by an American pension funds, the management becomes opaque, orders slow down. End of 2003, it is the bankruptcy and the first dismissals, but some employees do believe that something can be done. They take back the company in their account becoming shareholders-employees of the brand new scop.



May 4th  2009



France 2 channel : May 4th  2009
The 13H00 television news program was about the success of the SCOP in RHONE ALPES pointing out the process of resumption of companies in financial difficulties. The project of resumption by the employees of a gardening center with the help of  the UNION REGIONALE DES SCOP and the successful resumption in SCOP of CERALEP SN were developed.



January 27th 2009


Crédit Mutuel : January  27th 2009
CERALEP SN won the award of the ECONOMICAL INITIATIVE and was given 5000 euros  by CERAVENIR foundation. The cooperative CERALEP SN gathers all the selected criteria : economical success, human project and  52 jobs saved…..





June 2008


Platane mobile

PLATANE MOBILE association’s magazine of June 2008 dedicated an article to ROBERT NICAISE, the Managing Director of CERALEP SN. It shows how his real love for the porcelain he has been working  for 40 years, led him to become the head of the cooperative company. This man tells how he passed from employee to manager in order to save the employment and the know-how of this company located on the Rhône banks.
Extract of the 28mn report  :


Atelier platane mobile

14 rue Fernand Rey

69001 Lyon

Tél : 04 72 07 61 46




May 30th 2007



TF1  channel : 30 mai 2007 TV news
Broadcast of a program on  the success of CERALEP SN took back by its employees in SCOP in 2004.




May 28th 2007


Complément d'enquête

Complément d'enquête

A program on May 28th 2007 on France 2 channel  by Benoit Duquesne.

 The  « scop-option » : can we manage a company differently ? CERALEP SN company got bankrupt in 2003. Its employees took it back creating a scop managed by the CGT trade union leader. Since then, CERALEP SN makes profits and hires.




June 30th 2004

Le Dauphiné Libéré – June 30th  2004
Under the title « working differently », the newspaper published an article on the SCOP in Rhone Alpes with the example of CERALEP SN and the interview of Bruno LEBUHOTEL, President of the SCOP for the region.





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