Our staff, our skills, the will to distinguish ourselves,… here are the keys for innovations.
Synergies in CERALEP SN between Design and Lab can lead to ceramic beings … very  far from usual insulators.


In our DESIGN, section, you could see 2 realizations beyond standards: the “Roller” and “Big-Babel” . Several others are in progress.


For INDUSTRY - and more particularly nuclear, we have been developing with the CEA (ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY) and for ITER :


Tanks for the storage of the nuclear waste

with average activity and long life . The ceramic material is not subject to oxidation as a metal can be, and the tests of irradiation led by the CEA have predicted a life time of several centuries.  

Today, two types of CERALEP SN containers, made of C120 body, have been homologated.





Ceramic rings for the ITER  fusion reactor   


To hold a high vacuum and radiations, while insulating more than 1 million Volts… is a real challenge.

To prepare the future rings (wall bushings up to 1,6m diameter) for ITER, we have realized prototypes of 900 mm diameter .with the CEA and the IO (ITER organization).

Our ceramic has successfully passed all the tests. On some samples, a titanium brazing was realized : it is a world premiere.



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