Founded in 1921, our name was ELECTRO-PORCELAINE and even at that time we were manufacturer of porcelain insulators


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history2We took the name of CERALEP in 1923 when MERLIN GERIN purchased us.

Some time around the 60s CERALEP specialized in manufacturing porcelain insulators for high and ultra high voltage, specialty we still have today.

In 1972 ALSTOM ATLANTIQUE invested in CERALEP and at the same time we merged our both production plants (Andancette – Drôme in France) and Bazet (Hautes Pyrénées in France) in one site where we are today.

In 1989 KERAMIK HOLDING AG LAUFEN (Switzerland) acquired 80 % of CERALEP’s capital.

In 1993, CERALEP becomes CERAM when this Swedish group purchases our company.



CERALEP SN is now completely independent as company belongs to their employees. The 62 employees are all shareholders of CERALEP SN and have a total autonomy for decisions and investment strategy.


Crédit Mutuel : January  27th 2009
CERALEP SN won the award of the ECONOMICAL INITIATIVE and was given 5000 euros  by CERAVENIR foundation. The cooperative CERALEP SN gathers all the selected criteria : economical success, human project and  52 jobs saved…..


France 2


France 2 channel : May 4th  2009
The 13H00 television news program was about the success of the SCOP in RHONE ALPES pointing out the process of resumption of companies in financial difficulties. The project of resumption by the employees of a gardening center with the help of  the UNION REGIONALE DES SCOP and the successful resumption in SCOP of CERALEP SN were developed.


and investment strategy
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