Since 1921, SN CERALEP has acquired know-how and proven experience famous  in the world. This is why we offer a valuation service on all types of electrical porcelain insulators

  • Solid cores
  • Hollow Insulators
  • Insulators for electrostatic precipitators or radio frequency


If you have any doubts about the mechanical or electrical resistance of one or more ceramic insulators installed on your fleet we can:

  • Check the condition of the seal
  • Appreciate the importance of a crack in a wing with a developer
  • Make a test of porosity or of ultrasonic speed to detect an internal fault in the insulator or poor quality porcelain
  • Carry out a battery of mechanical tests such as tests of bending, twisting, pulling, internal pressure or thermal testing ...





Following a dynamite blast "poorly controlled" several fins on 2 insulator materials have been broken (column 3 of insulating elements supporting a circuit-stopper). Proposal  of replacement of 2 bases elements.



After expertise :

  • If the damage is minor:

-  We can loosen and re-seal fittings on the porcelain insulator after having re-galvanized, sandblasted and / or repainted them.

-  We can clean the attacks made by the environment (pollution deposition, acid rain, sea spray, sand ...)


The  intervention of our services will enable to give a new life to your electrical insulators, which may be called into service for a new cycle.


  • If the damage is significant: we propose to assess the cost of manufacturing and replacing of the porcelain insulators that are out of service

-  From your plans
-  From plans kept in the CERALEP SN archives, (nearly 2,000 plans since 1948) or,

-  Design from scratch: in collaboration with our Engineering Design Department, we can implement a new specification and propose our plans taking into account the characteristics of your installation and environmental constraints.




loosening aluminum fittings supported on a faulty circuit breaker. Launching of 2 ceramic productions, cleaning, painting and re-cementing fittings.


In its determination to ensure effective after sales service, CERALEP SN knows that  the replacement of insulators involves reduced requirements and thus does not lay a minimum quantity for orders.



through insulators with slits in a hydroelectric dam of the mid-century. Manufacturing and replacement of the bushing from rectangular shape to cylindrical one.




Should you need a diagnosis or expertise on your electrical porcelain insulators, please, contact us.




customer’s request to replace this full piece with 2 split sheds. Loosening fittings in galvanized iron and re-cementing on a new insulator with cylindrical and helical sheds.


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