Our C610 ceramic is perfectly adapted to electrostatic precipitator applications.



Insulators for electrostatic precipitator :


Electrostatic precipitators remove solid particulates from the exhaust gases emitted by industrial processes like waste treatment plants, cement works, coal thermal power …

A high electrostatic field is built up in the flue flow between emissive and collective electrodes. This field ionizes the particles through a corona discharge and moves them against the surface of the collective electrode.

  • Cylindrical and conical shaped insulators are supplied by CERALEP SN for the suspension of the emissive electrodes while providing the electrical insulation to the precipitator steel casing.


Rappers vibrate the electrodes at time intervals in order to dislodge fly ash soot from the emissive electrode, and make the sheet of dust collected on the receptive electrode drop into the precipitator hopper without re-entrainment into the gas stream.

  • Our rapping insulator insulates the rapping motor from the electrode while transmitting the mechanical force.

The precipitator technology is a safe and efficient way to lower the particulate emission to less than  50 mg/m3 gas. With more than one field less than 30 mg/m3 can be achieved.











We have worked out with the main actors involved in insulators field  (THOMSON, DCN ….) a range of insulators used for High Frequency: insulators, top tie, bushings …


high frequency



Our range of porcelain insulators for high frequency can meet many requirements and for any specific enquiry, our Engineering Department can do new drawings.  Do not hesitate to contact us.

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