The design department has as well as the laboratory a strategic part to play in CERALEP SN.

The design department directly works with the sales department, and is in charge of the manufacturing process files and more particularly :


  • To dimension the insulators meeting customers’ specifications, mechanical and dielectric constraints, obstruction… in accordance with the standards and without exceeding the manufacture limits.
  • To do the manufacture process of ordered insulators, which means:
    • To forecast the product different  manufacturing steps
    • To design insulators in “wet phase”, which will lead to the  different drawings of the manufacture « turning », “glazing”, “kiln” and cutting” and to  the quality documents daily used.
  • To create and develop the CNC program allowing the manufacture parts in “wet phase”.
  • To create the necessary tools for the whole manufacturing process: extruding, turning, cementing, control, and tests.
  • To design the packing.
  • To design the flanges in galvanized cast iron, Aluminium (AS7G), stainless steel, bronzes, brass or copper.



    Thanks to our Design department, our history (more than 2000 drawings since 1948) and our know-how, we can meet all your requirements in ceramics insulators.

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