green production

A GREEN production, a GREEN material

“Ceramic” comes from the word “keramos” meaning “ground for pottery” or “clay”.
The generic term of ceramics includes current products such as the terra cotta, earthenware, the sandstone, the porcelain or alumina - silica formulas… for advanced applications.


There are two main kinds of ceramics :

  • Porous bodies (earthenware or terra cotta…) 
  • Non porous bodies (porcelains or sandstone).

The porcelain is made of kaolin, clay, feldspar, quartz…
For the manufacture of our insulators, more than 90% of the raw material comes from quarries.



Our impact and consequences for the environment are minimal.

Moreover the porcelain is, over a very long time, an inert and inalterable product.
To convince you, think of the archaeological excavations where some pieces from the Neolithic era are found intact.



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