Philosophy of a cooperative and of  social and Solidarity economy

The functioning of a cooperative is based:

  • On a process of democratic decision and equality of  persons (one man, one vote)
  • On solidarity between members and economic independence. 

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A cooperative evolves in the full economic world, and works on the market with its own ethics which is characterized by:

  • The superiority of  man on  capital
  • Autonomy of management
  • A fair sharing of  profits
  • An explicit purpose devoted to the community, by the indivisibility of reserves (heritage  is collective and inseparable

For more information, you can consult the website: www.scop.org


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la-bas si j'y suis 


June 24th 2009

Nothing more poetical than self-management !

Created in 1921 in the DROME region, CERALEP SN manufactures porcelain insulators for high tension networks. In 2000, the factory is bought by an American pension funds, the management becomes opaque, orders slow down. End of 2003, it is the bankruptcy and the first dismissals, but some employees do believe that something can be done. They take back the company in their account becoming shareholders-employees of the brand new scop.



Complément d'enquête

Complément d'enquête

May 28th 2007


A program on May 28th 2007 on France 2 channel  by Benoit Duquesne.
 The  « scop-option » : can we manage a company differently ? CERALEP SN company got bankrupt in 2003. Its employees took it back creating a scop managed by the CGT trade union leader. Since then, CERALEP SN makes profits and hires.


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